You are unique. Just like everyone else.

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why are daddy long legs fucking indestructible I’ve hit this one with a pencil case like three times and still it is flying around bouncing off all my walls like a dumbass titanium boned creepy winged spider 

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Overheard in Waitrose


Found this Facebook page which I thought I would send in to you guys! I’m not sure if it’s already been posted on here or not but oh well, I thought it was quite funny…although I’m not sure how many of these ‘quotes’ are true or not but either way they’re a laugh! :)

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Listening to my dad rant about “discrimination against men” whilst watching the news fuck ooooofffff

Not only are men discriminated against more than women now apparently, but its also apparently a natural and biological thing

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I have this perfectly smooth cartoon-like bit of hair that has escaped my plait it looks so cute aw

hair-people spend hours tryin to get little bits of hair like this one